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Day 2 Laguna to Long Beach


Day 2


got a good 8 hours on the couch at roger's last night.  then had free range to cook up a bad ass meal of veggies, eggs, bacon and english muffins. oh, and tim hortons coffee, weird. i'm at that point where my body says, ok you're full stop eating and my brain says your garmin says you burned 3000 calories yesterday, keep eating.  im so intrigued to see what happens to my body during this.  i measured my calfs at 13.5" 

just now i measured my self, after breakfast, at 170.2, 

Today the goal is to ride to Brook's in long beach, it's only 35 miles and will add up to 100 for my first two days, keeping me right on schedule and not doing too much too fast out of the gate. I plan to do a reiki session with her, my last one with her was at joshua tree and she told me about my yellow and my blocked throat chakra which she said was about me not expressing myself. that was back when i wasn't telling anybody about.....

Roger's brother craig works at a restaurant there called bake n broil.  i think ill ride straight there, eat a load then call brook. 


Rogers brother craig bought me lunch today at their family's restaurant that he invited me to this morning before he left for work there.  I at soup, salad, lemon pepper chicken breasts, rice pilaf and cooked carrots, followed with chocolate brownie pie a la mode and a diet coke.  I left Laguna about noon and snapped a great photo at the overlook there at the top of the world as I was riding away several fire vehicles were arriving and heading down a fire road.  I hoped the bunnies are ok. 

For all the pain in the ass getting up the Laguna Hills last night riding down was nearly thrilling enough to compensate.  It would have had I not had to worry that the breaks would heat up too much and simply not working for me. That didn't happen at all, but they sure did fade.  Other than that I wish I had an unloaded bike to bomb that massive State st hill on, or better yet, a skateboard!

The 101 hugs inland a bit more there in Orange County, clearly because it's a place that has sold off the coastal property to private owners. weird.  

So much money in Orange county!

I stopped at Huntington beach and photographed the bike on the pier. I have figured out how to stand up the bike well now with a piece of velcro and my helmet under the pedal.  Once the front tire cant swing, bc it strapped to the frame the bike balances or helmet stands rather easily. 

Had a lot of weird memories riding through the area from huntington to long beach because Jenica and I used to go there.  I got sad riding by seal beach that I used to play with Ella Blue at, my beautiful perfect fawn colored boxer.

When you cross over Alimitos Bay and turn onto 2nd you're in Long Beach.  I rode up and in to downtown to bake and broil where I ate, wrote and tried to upload photos and figure out the best way to be doing this and getting it posted/published.  The PC blog built into my website isn't working efficiently enough on this LG tablet I have to be a solution. anyway, I worked there for a while then headed to Brook and Daniel's around 6.  Now it's already 10 o'clock! I am showered, I feel a b it spoiled having houses and showered both of my first nights.  I'll camping tomorrow night at Leo Carillo, I'm really excited to unpack and set up camp, excited to see how I did.  I hope I crushed it!  This makes me think of my brother, he's the one who was first a gear geek.

All I'm eating for diner is a half a tub of humus and pretzel crisps, this is really wrong. But I ate so much at breakfast and lunch today I'm not starving.  

as of today I have traveled 100 miles in 2 days, exactly on pace. I'm going to start picking it up.  my leg farmer's tan is serious, it's gonna be crazy. 

I think at the end i want to get a tattoo of the mark my chain makes at least once a day on the back of my calf.  that would be a sweet tattoo. 

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